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Late 2020



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Jump into the gunner seat and save your island paradise from the evil invading empire! "Sky Squadron" is an Aussie twist on "Star-Fox" meets VR. Slip into the flight suit of Kieth Koala and join his squad of marsupial mates to fight back the would-be invaders looking to plunder his island home. The player takes on the role of the gunner in a mission-based campaign, grabbing the controls by both hands and blasting away enemy fighters, giant bosses, supply trains, incoming missiles, deadly turrets, and even robotic fish. Replay missions to compete with your friends on the leaderboards to prove who's got what it takes to keep their home safe.


In true indie game dev style, Sky Squadron is a game with a colourful history. Before Sky Squadron was the VR title it is today it was a humble mobile game. Our original vision was to create something like "Star Fox" for mobile. We spent no small amount of time creating the tools, tech and content to get a kickass action game working on a mobile phone. However the longer we worked on it, the more it didn't feel quite right. The mobile market was changing into something we didn't like and it was getting harder and harder for a small indie team to make a splash in that space. After a lot of soul-searching we decided to try something reckless - completely rethink what the game is and pivot to VR. As a team, we've always had a love for VR (especially our Quests) and wondered how we could bring a lot of what we've built to a new platform. Obviously it would be a very different game but thought the idea was worth a shot. We spent a few days prototyping a rail shooter in VR. Pleasantly surprised how a lot of what we had built transferred to VR, we found it was awesomely fun grabbing a turret and blowing away fighters and giant bosses. Since then, we have been hard at work bringing Sky Squadron to VR platforms. Freed from the shackles of the dreaded "Free-2-Play" mobile-model we could focus on just making a completely badass VR experience that we could get running on both desktop and mobile VR platforms.


  • Classic arcade rail-dog-fighting action, but in VR!
  • Be the gunner! Use your VR controllers to aim and fire.
  • Explore a bright and colourful island paradise (and shoot a few bad guys).
  • Rip apart your enemies piece by piece with fully destructible bosses.
  • Play through a metric sh-t tonne of exciting and unique missions.
  • Compete on the leaderboard with your friends.
  • Designed for comfort so you don't throw up all over your floor.


Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube

Sky Squadron VR YouTube




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Trick Shot Development was founded in 2018 by James and Michael; two game designers eager to make their mark in the Australian games industry! Our mission is to create new and exciting experiences inspired by classic arcade roots but leveraging modern platforms and systems. We are a small and fast studio that is constantly looking at how they can find new ways for people to play games they love.

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